BLOCKS TO MONEY FLOW – coming from ancestral lineage – Online




Who doesn’t want money flow?

We all want enough and more,. yet money seems to be an elusive energy

If you relate to any of the following statements, Constellation Work may be able to help you get a deeper insight into the root cause of the issue

I earn but I spend it all

I keep losing what I earn, the more I earn the greater are my expenses

Every time I have some extra money, I have  a crisis which requires money

I have a pauper consciousness

I splurge even though I don’t have enough

I get cheated off my money.

Constellation work takes us deep into our family history, where decisions made by our ancestors and actions taken by them, impacted lives, caused hardships and losses to others Рthe effect of those unresolved & undigested  traumas is impacting our life. We may be unconsciously bringing a balance, or atoning for those actions of our ancestors, through our difficult relationship with money

Date JULY 19TH

Time 12.30pm – 6 pm

FEES – 5000



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