Family Constellation Facilitators Training Online


In this training you will learn to use a systemic approach as a complete solution oriented method, to get to a phase where clients experience the deep kind of insights that generate the necessary energy for the change they are searching.

With Constellation work it is common to hear stories of instant changes, almost miraculous shifts – these come from healing trauma in the family system. Unacknowledged & unhealed trauma of previous generations tends to repeat as fate in future generations


STRUCTURE OF THE TRAINING: (6 days theory and demo 4 days practice under supervision)

The 3 basic dynamics systemic knots
Type of emotions at work
Forms of resolution
Interrupted outreach
Who belongs to family system
Phenomenological aspects
Possibilities and limitations of Constellations
The participants bring their own issues.
Difference between facts and “stories” in interview
Primary and secondary emotion
Choosing between setting up family of origin and present family
Reveal the entanglements
Use of specific “systemic” core sentences
Orders of love
Levels of conscience
Demo Constellation everyday

Work with actual clients on the last day of the training

Become part of a community of students who meet regularly and practice

Get invited to monthly CONSTELLATION CIRCLES to

Practice under supervision
Ask questions on difficulties with clients
Experience exercises to deepen your knowledge of the work
Facilitator: Ritu Kabra

Dates: AUGUST 5-12 (12.30 – 6.30PM) Theory, demo, mini constellations, personal sessions

AUGUST 13TH – 16TH  (1.30 – 4.30 ) Practice under supervision

Amount 50000/-

Early bird pay before JULY 10TH – 45000/-

Contact: +919870367200 for payment in installments

Email: [email protected]




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