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Our mother is our first experience of a secure relationship. We are dependent on her for our survival. The quality of this first relationship, has an impact on our life, future relationships and our ability to succeed.

She is also the first source of  love and sustenance. As a fetus in her womb, we are familiar with the sound of her voice, her heartbeat and her smell. In fact our disconnection could have started in the womb while we were still a fetus. After birth, when she holds us, we feel an instant connect to her due to this familiarity. When a child takes milk from his mothers breast or when she holds him, this forms the first human bond for us in our life and can become the blueprint for all future relationships

Even though she means the world to us when we are infants, yet this mother child relationship is the source of many miseries and misunderstandings for us as adults

Issues we face in success, relationships, health and the decisions we make in life are unconsciously influenced by this mother child dynamic.

In this Workshop I will take you through a series of processes to understand, heal and change the quality of this relationship and to see her through a wider lens.

We will work with

  1. Experiences in the womb
  2. Major childhood experience that impacted our attachment style
  3. Looking behind my mother into her history
  4. Interrupted Outreach
  5. Creating clear boundaries for self and her

DATE – 11th May – Saturday

TIME – 9am – 2pm

FEES – INR 10500

Venue : Al Barsha 3 street 34b villa 12 on the corner

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Ritu +919870367200

Reema +971567250908




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