A Systemic Way To Creating A Successful Business

A Systemic Way To Creating A Successful Business

This workshop is for everyone who:

  • wants a more successful business
  • wants to create flow in his or her business
  • wants to attract more clients with less effort
  • is looking for an intuitive and systemic approach to doing business
  • is ready to look in the mirror

In this workshop, you will learn a different approach to being a successful entrepreneur. We will look at the leverages in the undercurrent and how to use them for your business.

Aligning Your Business With Success

We will use different constellation formats to connect you with the deeper layer of your business. Areas that will be covered include, family patterns that are blocking you, connecting your business with your mission in life, and finding the right words and images to attract your clients. The workshop is mostly experiential. You are going on a journey, discovering treasures that you can use to boost your business. Martijn will also share some theoretical background. Of course there is time for Q&A

Can This Be Done Online?

Many people ask me if intuitive methods like business constellations can be done online. Well, it surely can. I have been facilitating online constellations for over 5 years and since the COVID lockdown the use of online constellations has exploded.
Sometimes online business constellations even work better than in real life.
So experience it yourself!

Who Is Martijn Meima?

He is a business intuition expert in Europe, who combines his degree in Management & Organization with experience and education in intuitive methods like business constellations. He loves exploring new ways of improving businesses and creating success.

His workshops are very experiential and down to earth. You will be invited to explore the deeper layers and hidden parts of your business and to include yourself as part of the solution. This way you will discover new ways of solving problems and accelerating your success, both personally and professionally.

Payment  INR 2650/Euros 30 (plus paypal commission if using paypal)
Event Time: 3 pm – 6 pm (Indian Standard Time) / 11:30 am – 2:30 pm (Central European Time)


May 01 2021


2:00 pm - 5:00 pm






Ritu Kabra
[email protected]

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