The most difficult disorders are the ones with no obvious explanations.
You may experience fear, panic, terror, depression, mental breakdown after an event.
But how does it happen when there is no identifiable cause?
When people feel different or adopted, suffer from schizophrenia or psychosis, see war images and agonize about evil and good.
DID, destructive behaviour, hallucinations etc., disorganized speech and behaviour, compulsive stealing and addictions.
Men are prone to alcohol addictions and boys to hyperactivity.
Women are prone to depression and girls to eating disorders.
Chronic headaches, breathing problems, rheumatic inflammations, skin disease may not have any medical explanations.
Psychotropics do not correct bio chemical imbalances.
Genealogical studies do not provide proof of genetic inheritance. They indicate environmental and psychological explanations.
Even today drugs only provide emotional relief. Symptoms are managed but never fully go away.
We should identify the real causes,
conditions that establish the illness and differentiate between causes and conditions.

In this training we will explore the concept of bonding and trauma and, its effects on the person and future generations.

Trauma Language
Core descriptors
4 Unconscious themes
Genogram & Traummagram
Healing inherited trauma
Integrating fragmentation
Working with Break in the Bond


Date: 17th – 24th December, 2021 (Weekend break)
Time: 12.30 pm IST – 6 pm IST (break in between)
Venue: Online (zoom)
Fees: INR 35000/-
Facilitator: Ritu Kabra


WhatsApp Ritu Kabra: +91-9870367200
Email: [email protected]

How do I know I have trauma?
If your answer to any of these questions brings up an emotional charge, you have some degree of trauma.

About your birth

1. Were there complications regarding your birth?

2. Was your mother ill, or did she have permanent injury as a result of your birth?

3. Were you hospitalized early or later on in life due to a sudden or heavy illness?

4. How many siblings do you have?

5. Were there miscarriages or children who died at a young age?

6. Do any of your siblings have a difficult fate? (Challenges – physical or mental)

Personal facts from your adolescence/adulthood:

1. Were there important partners (first great loves) before the current relationship?

2. Were there special reasons for the premature end to an earlier relationship such as parental influence or interference?

3. Were there any abortions?

4. Were there any miscarriages or children who died at a young age?

5. Were there extramarital births?

6. Were there children from an earlier relationship?

Facts on the level of the parents:

1. How did your parents get married?

2. Did one of them have a relationship earlier, or was he or she married before?

3. Were there important reasons why an earlier relationship of either parent could or should not continue?

4. How old were they when they were married?

5. Were you born before or after they were married?

6. Were you the reason they married?

7. If they were not married, was there a special reason for this?


Dec 17 - 24 2021


Indian Standard Time
12:30 pm - 6:00 pm





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