Business and Organisational Constellations Training

Overview of the program
1) Introduction, differences between family and organizational constellations, what to ask in an organizational set up.
2) Evolutionary force, destiny, systemic house cleaning and house warming.
3) Orders in an organization, identifications and their effects, the liminal space.
4) Scenario constellations, product market constellations
5) Consultant constellations, working with teams, coaching work with CEO’s
6) 1st, 2nd, 3rd order interventions and supervision

This training will be conducted over 6 weeks – once a week on Fridays. This will give the participants a chance to practice what they have learnt with each other

The dates are:
May 7th
May 14th
May 21st
May 28th
June 4th
June 11th

The timings will be 12.30pm-5pm

Online Training Systemic Coaching

In addition to our trainings on Family Constellation, we also bring you Systemic Coaching as a skill, to enable your work with companies, businesses, entrepreneurs & professionals.

In this training, you will be trained to do one on one work with your clients. As a coach or a counsellor, you will be able to guide your client using systemic principles. Bringing awareness of the clients inner attitude and the systemic principles which are creating blocks in their professional growth.

You will meet your colleagues who are in the training with you, online, on a weekly basis to practice the work, and deepen your understanding of systemic phenomenology.

For whom:

This training is highly recommended for anyone who intends to increase the scope of their work from family systems, to organizational systems. If This online training is for anyone who encounters or expects to encounter coaching situations in professional life. Coaches, managers, therapists, project leaders, etc. No pre-training is required to participate.

We will work with a small group in order to give everybody enough personal attention and space to learn and reflect on the systemic attitude and coaching skills.

Intended result:

  • You will understand systems and learn how the three survival mechanisms (personal- and system conscience and evolutionary force) work
  • You will train your phenomenological systemic awareness and inner attitude
  • You will be able to open new perspectives for the client by asking systemic questions, giving the client insight into his / her systemic position and by doing interventions
  • You will be able to explain patterns and to give the client conscious insight into his or her (until then) unconscious patterns

Our offer:

  • Six full days of online training (2 hours – 30 min break – 2 hours)
  • About 10 videos with content and instructions about systemic coaching
  • Practice groups and exercises


Students are expected to prepare before every training day by watching videos and doing the practice. During the training day we will address your questions, offer content and do practical exercises in order to develop your systemic coaching skills.

Each training day has a specific focus, and we will build on your preparation with some more theory, exercises, time for Q&A, time to exchange, practice and meet with your fellow students.

 Some contents of the training:

  • Introduction in the systemic phenomenological approach
  • Systemic coaching vs. regular coaching
  • Systemic perception and preparation
  • Explore the mechanism of evolutionary force and destiny
  • Explore the survival mechanisms (personal and system conscience) and the principles belonging, order and exchange
  • Function of dynamics between the three mechanisms
  • Recognize different dynamics and do interventions
  • Different systemic coaching tools, such as: constellation in the imagination, tabletop constellation, constellations for consultants, scenario constellations and other forms of constellations and working with floor anchors
  • Inner attitude of a systemic coach
  • Themes in systemic perspective
  • Integration
  • Working with an actual client from outside

Participants will be expected to meet online and practice in between sessions.
I will be sharing some videos & handouts in between sessions.

Conducted by Ritu Kabra

Registration on Whatsapp +91-9870367200 or Email: [email protected]

Hourly Schedule

Introduction, differences family & Organizational Constellations

12:30 PM - 5:00 PM IST

Evolutionary force & Destiny

Belonging & Identification

Order & Exchange

Specific forms & Processes

1st, 2nd, 3rd order interventions


May 07 2021 - Jun 11 2021


Indian Standard Time
12:30 pm - 5:00 pm





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