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Diploma from TASSO (Netherlands) Certified as a Family constellator (Hellinger Schule Germany) Certified Hypnotherapist (California Hypnosis Institute) NLP Trainer SNLP

I started my journey with hypnotherapy in 2005. Hypnotherapy enabled me to gain an understanding of how my past experiences were influencing my beliefs about myself. These beliefs had become blocks to my personal growth. With the help of hypnotherapy, I could uncover this and make positive changes for my family and I.

NLP, Theta, TASSO, Life Script Therapy – added different facets to my understanding and made me certain of my commitment to the field of complementary medicine. Family Constellation therapy took me beyond my personal space into the systemic, ancestral healing. Our work with individuals is only complete when we heal the systemic entanglements which keep the problem in place and even cause it to be carried generation after generation. I invite you to join me on a journey to your roots where I can help you discover that every issue you are facing ultimately has its roots in love.
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  • “When I embarked on it, I hadn’t realised that this would be my New Year gift to myself. Not only did I went back to being a student after so long, but realised that wisdom is almost impossible as long as one doesn’t shift from doing to being. Having completed this remarkable training program with Rituu P Kabrra, I have come back not only a healed person, but with the lightness and learning of never being able to see the world the way I did before I took the flight to Mumbai. A trainer par excellence and with the kind of patience and relentless focus I have never seen before, Ritu brings out the best of experience, learning and wisdom in her Family Constellation course. Plus the joy of making new friends and family is truly incomparable. I am immensely thankful and grateful to the universe for this opportunity and way more trusting of myself that I took this plunge. Finally, Certified Facilitator in the Art of Family and Structure Constellation.